Friday, January 29, 2010

Intercession- Part-1

Who is an Intecessor?
"Inter cessor"
Inter= middle
Cessor= never ceasing.

All are called to pray for one another but few are given the burden to pray never ceasing till the prayer is answered.

To be an intercessor, one has to have a desire to know the will of God for them. In order to know that and to learn to recognize the voice of God, spending time with God is very essential. One has to slowly recognize and learn to be like Jesus-to be in the world not off the world.
To be like Jesus-

Temptations are in plenty: everyone likes to be loved, all like to be recognized and appreciated for their works. Working for the Lord or being like Jesus may not bring all that. Take the example of Jesus even though He is the Son of God was he recognized and appreciated while he walked on this earth? Most people did not like Him because He spoke truth and they did not want to face. The easy way out was to put Him to death. Are you prepared to stand for truth which you learn from the Word of God? Are you ready to face criticism because you stand for truth which is rooted in Christ?
The Worldly amusement and entertainment is more and more influenced by the evil one in a very subtle way. In order to discern about it one needs to spend time with the Lord to know what is good and bad what is right and wrong. Floating with the crowd and being accepted by the world may cost your soul. Appreciation of the people will last only for some time till some thing dramatic happens. An experience with the Lord last for many days months sometimes even a life time.
Sitting still before the Lord and recognizing His voice helps in this walk with Christ. Initially it is difficult to recognize his voice but as you spend more time with the Lord you will recognize and learn to distinguish his voice. As you grow in the fellowship appreciation and love for one another slowly grows. When your fellowship with Lord grows the Lord brings to your mind all your hurts and slowly gives you the grace to forgive those who hurt you.(This process takes sometimes years).

Slowly as this fellowship grows one notices detachment from the worldly things. After some time appreciation and acceptance from others does not matter being with the Lord and His presence in you is all that matters.

The Potter begins to give shape to the clay and the clay willing surrenders itself to be shaped according to His will. The Lord then leads the clay and moulds it. One hears His voice leading one to greater heights and burden to pray and dedicate ones life to do His will.

To be continued.....


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