AGAPE a truly mystifying word, unknown to many and even to us till its magnificent torrents swept us, pervading every single niche of our lives, filling every void of fear, panic, dread, darkness, pain, etc.

We thought we were safely ensconced till we had to learn to wade and waddle through the pulsating stream of long lasting patience, activating in us the need to be steadfast in faith, with tongues of praise and complete obedience to the call of being handpicked to spread the radiance and fragrance of the one who was a a prophet, healer, preacher, miracle worker and apostle, - the true source of living water.

This journey of agape was embarked way back in March 2005 with a strong felt sense to feed manna to his lambs. At that point in time we were oblivious to the splendid surprises, outright hostility, temporary moments of relief, days of gloom, disbelief, dissatisfaction, etc that awaited us and still do….. ..


Was our pillar of cloud during the day when the progress was so painfully slow and a pillar of fire when we felt desperate and couldn’t see the way.

The refiner in His refining plan for us his littlest lambs and quite literally true, subjected us to the furnace of light, not to be charred but to develop an lucidity in ourselves which made hearkening only to his voice obligatory .

Even though we felt we would be scorched and still do feel seared many a times we felt the suppleness of the potter as his touch makes pliable the sharp toothed spots and molded the harsh, callous ones.

The intense and compassionate love for His lambs to know Him intimately has evolved into the agape series.

The credit for this labor of unfathomable profound, deep ever lasting love goes only to the Master and His powerfully gentle holy spirit.

May the father’s blazing agape brings all His wonderful lambs to know Him as deeply and as passionately as the father longs to do so............ 

You can contact us at agapeintercession@gmail.com


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