On this page, we focus on movies that have a christian theme or movies that are clean family entertainers. The movies listed, have been personally watched by some of the Agape team members. We would love to expose our kids to entertainment which we could watch with them and enjoy their squeals, giggles and impromptu comments...... If you have any movies with a similar theme you could write to us and we would love to watch it and list it on this page. 

1)                              EVAN ALMIGHTY

The other day I happen to catch this movie on 'Star Movies'.
I was intrigued by the movie title, as 'Evan' also happens to be the name of my favorite nephew. 
 I thought I would watch a bit of the movie and switch it off and get back to my usual work. 

Alas! it was not to be so. The movie gripped my attention and kept me in splits.
 Its a beautiful movie and a must watch if you want to lighten your spirits. 
A complete entertainer and takes you back to the time of Genesis.
Its a story about the modern day ............................Oh well just go ahead and  watch it with your family and keep cracking all the time.  

My favorite scene in the movie and it has left such a deep impact that I have to only recall it to have a good laugh. 

2)                                  TWO BROTHERS

A lovely movie of two tigers separated as cubs and unite later on in life. The director has done a great job of catching complex expressions enacted beautifully by the two tigers. The movie touches a chord and keeps you transfixed to the screen. Must watch..........

3)                        ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD

The next movie which is a complete laugh riot is Angels in the outfield. I have watched the 1994 remake of the 1951 film of the same name

simply love this scene in the movie...........

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