Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Little Diary

My little Diary

Time passes so quickly. Years fly bye. This New Year I decided to clean certain corners of the house which for some reason was kept for later year after year. As I was cleaning I discovered my old diaries.

From the time I came to the Lord I maintained a dairy detailing my walk with the Lord. Every vision every dream and Scripture verse. Even instruction/advice given by others. This was a piece of advice given to me my some one who was helping me to grow in the Lord.

In the Initial days at the end of the year I used to go through it and analyze and see how much I have grown and how much I have failed in my attempt. This helped me to put in more effort to change my weakness to strong points. Some how over the years I continued maintaining the diary but forgot to analyze.

As I went through everything I wrote I realized the following benefits.

1. I took certain decisions after prayer and confirmation. I soon got involved in the job and forgot that the Lord wanted me to do it. I got carried away by the storms and forgot the Lords promises. I was drawn to repentance.

2. My God is a man of words.. He warned me of some things but it took me some time to understand his messages. As I spent time with him I learned to be more alert to his voice and I did change in this area.

3. Over the years I had forgotten many of the blessings the Lord showered on me and only complained about what he has not done or delayed. When I went through the Diary I could praise him once again and was filled with joy and hope.

4. Some of the incidents showed how much I had grown and I could rejoice. After all I did climb the ladder with Jesus at my side. Oh Lord how could I even think I was alone and sit and pity myself.

5. By the time I reached the end of it I was filled with joy and hope as there are many promises to be fulfilled. Hopefully that fulfilling year is this year.

Oh Brothers and Sisters Rejoice Rejoice in the Lord Always.


  1. So insightful! Its amazing to see one's growth over a span of few years. Great write up and comes at the right time!!!

  2. I enjoyed your wisdom. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope to see you again sometime.

  3. You are very wise. I'll be back to claim a share of it each time you post. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary



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