Thursday, December 24, 2009


Twinkle Twinkle (Jacob’s) STAR
Can you make me as full of love as thou are?
Deep inside my heart which is truly thine
Help me grow as a fruitful branch of thy magnificent vine.

God sent his word and stars appeared in the expanse of the sky to separate the LIGHT from darkness and to serve as Signs to mark the change in seasons, days and years.

God’s word- The STAR of JACOB manifested as flesh on earth to separate

- faith from fear
- hurt from love
- pain from joy and as a
sign of expression of
the heavenly father has for his children.

The truly wise magi knew the signs of the time well. They had probably been studying and scanning the skies for a long time looking for the sign. The presence of an unusual star in the vastness of the sky meant the accomplishment of the fourth oracle by Balaam

I see him but not now
I behold him but not near
A star will come out of Jacob
A Scepter will rise out of Israel.

How then could they not venerate that sign which would mark a change in human transgression on earth? They set forth on their voyage with the Star as a guide to receive the light. They knew meeting the star of Jacob; the word of God meant having the experience of being one with the loving Father.

Whoever comes to the father through the love of Christ cannot return the way they came, just like the magi couldn’t.

The reverence of the WORD filled them so totally with love that in their hearts they would surrender all the knowledge they had gained in studying the stars at the feet of maker of the stars to worship him.

How can then one go back filled with darkness of ignorance, fear, anger, pain, revenge, hate, helplessness, pride.

The Magi went back as vessels of light spreading the splendor of the creator. .

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