Monday, December 7, 2009

Creation Of Light- An Enduring Process

"Let there be LIGHT" and LIGHT transcended into all the painful alcoves of darkness with its energetic life force, vitality and vivacity. The Essence of LIGHT is to radiate its luminosity as far as possible. LIGHT was produced not just for its ability to illuminate but to beam out all the treasures that convoy with it. The strength of LIGHT lies in its binding to a lethal arson called AGAPE LOVE.

Just as a child is fashioned from love and pain, similarly the union of darkness and light culminates into a day. This kiss of the opposite happens everyday revealing how securely the maker is in charge of the soil he breathes existence into.The maker’s LIGHT and its lethal and life-giving companion called AGAPE LOVE have a tendency to spread in places inconceivable to the human mind. We do not see the marvel of this union or the constant working of the maker to enable us to receive more of his radiance.

AGAPE LOVE with its penetrating glow evokes in the garden of the soul of every person a craving for deep connection with the possessor of LIGHT. The kind maker of LIGHT never rests so how could his created light have a respite.

The daily touch of the father on his creation through LIGHT which bulges with serenity, peace and wholeness leads to another compelling facet of LIGHT called PATIENCE. The streams of LIGHT continuously cascade from the divine heart of the father into our sedated souls yet we as vessels think that the creation of LIGHT is complete.

The father maker in his abiding LOVE is constantly creating to lead his created beings back to him. The PATIENCE- LIGHT aspect of the father is emanated in the fact that every evening is followed with a morning for all of his creation irrespective whether the entire gamut of creation reciprocates the FATHER’S LOVE. Just like the father his LIGHT, LOVE and PATIENCE is constantly active, never passive. The LIGHT of the father is constantly sent forth. The LOVE of the father is persistently felt and the PATIENCE of the father is constantly experienced. A part of the process of patience is to have FAITH in the father. This makes me realize that the bright mornings I open my eyes to, is the work of my heavenly father for me everyday. He watches over me when I am in darkness and waits for me to hold his outstretched hand to walk with me the whole day. During the course of the day, I often let go of his firm grip and choose to walk with the darkness of anger, discouragement, fear, pride, etc. Then I try to cover myself with work or excuses to extend out and hold the hands of my father. It’s again my father who walks to me, to talk to me, knowing well how much in darkness I am in and how ashamed I am of myself. Even though I want to remain in darkness the father waits outside the closed doors, knocking waiting with his light to enter the dark dungeons of my heart filling every part with his AGAPE. The creation of Light is a constant source of AGAPE for all of mankind.

---contributed by our Agape "scribe".
If you find it difficult to understand, join the gang. Sleep over it, meditate and add your comments or questions. Waiting to hear from you.


  1. I'm still trying to understand this post. I need to read it again. And sometimes my problem is I have more fear than faith.

  2. Welcome Divina,
    So am I struggling to understand this post. When I manage to connect one statement to my life I lose track of the second statement and its connection.

  3. First things first...After reading the article for the nth time and understanding it to an extent I still see some points that I don't quite get!! For example
    "".....strength of LIGHT lies in its binding to a lethal arson called AGAPE LOVE.....""
    Why is the agape love really called lethal?.. this light described here, I feel is the light of life.. and hence dont see a point in it being lethal..
    Also in ""....similarly the union of darkness and light culminates into a day. This kiss of the opposite happens everyday ....""
    Do you really think that there could be a union of light and darkness??? Cause I think light is not the opposite of darkness but it is the absence of darkness..Now it is time for you to think over this one.

  4. Nice to have a comment on this post. All comments are seen as a sign of the creator's light of illumination and are welcomed.

    Lethal means deadly, toxic, etc. Once you live in Agape, YOU become the creator's lethal weapon. He then uses you to bring life to the world. Nothing about Agape Love is easy, and once you begin your journey you realise the real significance of being crucified in christ to be used as an instrument to bestow life on others. Dying to one's own desires requires one to be lethally inTOXICated with the flames of the creator's love.
    You are right when you say Light is the absence of darkness.
    Here the journey is from darkness to light.
    Its only in the absence of something that you yearn for it. When you are in pain you yearn for health, when in depression you yearn for healing.
    Darkness cannot exist in a place where there is light. There is no way both can exist, and the light will always overtake darkness. This over taking results from darkness being willing to allow the light to penetrate itself and uniting with light for the dawn of the day.
    St. Paul was in such a state of darkness, that the creator had to close his eyes with a surge of light to penetrate his state of arrogance to a state of helplessness to dawn the need for humility in all human relations (day). So Saul became APOSTLE PAUL.

    Union of opposites is an essential aspect of creation, just like the creator.



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