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Breath of Life:- Benefits

Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.
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The Lord God created a man from the dust of the earth and made that lump of earth alive by his breath!!!!! 
What a significant event in the creation of the world and its inhabitants!!!!!

And how much of attention do we pay to this involuntary process that begins with the creator breathing his life into us. 

The creator knew how forgetful his created being was going to be and hence thankfully made this process involuntary. Imagine what would happen if he did not make this process involuntary. 
I have recently been meditating on this Gift of Breath that was so easily bestowed upon us and have realized how this simple process of In-inhalation also called as Inspiration brings rich benefits if focused upon correctly. It can lead to a transformation from a disturbed or dis-ease state of being to a state of well being always, every minute, every second of our life. 

Some well known scientific facts of the process of inspiration (in-halation) and expiration (ex-halation):-

Inspiration begins when we take 'in' air through our nostrils expanding our diaphragm (filling our lungs) as a result our stomach also expands to accommodate the lungs which are filled to its capacity.  
Expiration involves the expanded stomach to now push the lungs to expel the toxins in the form of carbon dioxide thereby contracting the space that was expanded. 

1) Focused or Diaphragmatic breathing leads to gentle massage of the internal organs especially the liver leading to better functionality of these internal organs. 

2) As the lungs are filled to their capacity while breathing, more oxygen is taken in leading to better circulation to various parts of the body especially the heart and brain. This improves clarity of thought and enhances the ability to make decisions. 

3) The gentle massage to the internal organs leads to the pancreas regulating the sugar levels. 

4) Expulsion of the toxins from the body leads to stimulation of the digestive organs, improved metabolism and thereby a surge in energy. 

5) Improves movement due to the availability of the oxygen to help build and repair the muscles and joints mobility.

If this process alone brings to life to all our internal organs then why is it that we are far from experiencing the abundance of life that is intended for us. 

  1. We have totally forgotten and ignored this vital aspect of life. 
  2. We live in a world of frenzy and hence everything in our internal states mirrors this frenetic state of life. 
  3. We are not able to slow down and enjoy the states of calmness and belonging as a result we get easily agitated, tense, anxious, upset, etc. 
  4. As we have neglected taking care of our surroundings, we have further polluted the air and hence are ingesting our own systems with a lot of toxins. 
  5. We have forgotten to walk, stand and sit upright the way the Father-God created us in his image. Poor posture leads to pushing of one organ into the space intended for the lungs or stomach. 
  6. Because of all the factors listed above, we are unable to in-hale oxygen through our nose and hence open our mouth to do the job. 
Have you ever wondered Why the Lord God did not send his word and create everything on the same day? Why he created Man on the sixth day?

Well, The Master Architect that he is- He created everything and reviewed his work and when he was satisfied with his work he said Good and then created something to balance the equation the next day. 
He created the Plants kingdom on the third day, to utilize the carbon dioxide in the air to release oxygen. If there was no oxygen in the air how would mankind survive? This proves Father God never does anything incomplete or in a hurry. 

So, the creation of plants and animals was a necessity before he could create man and give him dominion over everything that was created.  
If any of you are still thinking as to why you like gardening so much. Just meditate on the creation account in Genesis and you will get your answer. 

But why did the Father God breathe into the nostrils of man and not into the mouth????????????
Because through the nose the in-haled air-energy would go through a natural process of filtration whereby that which is not beneficial would be trapped in the initial process itself. The purified air would then further go through a second filter and in the process get warmed up  due to its friction against the inner lining of the nasal passage. This would prevent cold air from entering into the lungs and causing damage to the lungs. 

"For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

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