Friday, May 21, 2010

Living Agape

How can we show love of the father in our life?

Love one another as I have loved you. Jn 13:34

We all like to be loved and get favors and blessing from the one who loves us. But do we like to love all around us like God loves us. Unconditional, ever forgiving love. Ready to lay down our life for others?

It is God"s commandment to love another. When we receive His love our cup gets full, but if we do not share what we get, since our cup is full, we stop receiving.

Ask your self. Do you go out of our way to help an old person to cross the road or be good to a person who slandered your name or magnified your weakness in public. A very difficult situation which I find myself in, time and again. The question we need to ask is What would Jesus do in this situation and then act accordingly.

As you have your prayer time do express your inability to love and your desire to want to. Ask for the grace. Gradually but surely the change will happen. You will be surprised at your self, for you begin to acquire the mind of Christ.

Prayer: Heavenly Father give us the grace to Love all those around us the way you would love them. Help us to be faithful to our prayer time so that we too will acquire the mind of Christ.


  1. Nice post Shirley.. The transformation, though slow, will happen and acquiring the 'mind of the christ' as you put it is something to really pursue..

  2. Yes, change is an essential feature especially after learning what Power as a word means and then connecting with the Power of the Holy Spirit in the scriptures.
    This post makes me think how it must have been for the apostles who were with the lord for three years and their transformation when emboldened by the holy spirit.
    The prayer is so heart rending and so expressive of needs felt often by me.
    Great Job!!!!! May the lord bless you powerfully and lead you to more in depth knowledge of himself.



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