Friday, May 28, 2010

Lord Our Protector

Lord God we look to you, our source of help at all times. You who made Heaven and earth, watch over us always. like a shepherd who guards his flock be our guard protecting us from unseen forces. You who laid down your life to save us, lead us to follow the plan of god in our lives. Make us to prosper and bear fruit according to your word.

Oh Lord we know that you have carved us on the palm of your hand and so no evil will befall us. Lead the way for us just the way you led the nation of Israel to the promised land. We believe that not a hair on our head will be touched without your permission.

Lord we ask you to sit at our right hand and look at us as a bridegroom looks at his beloved. We know that you never get tired looking at your creation.

Lord give us the desire to constantly look into your eyes.


  1. A very nice prayer for strength.. :) Good one Shirley!

  2. Finally a perfect pic of the title agape.. Hats off to whoever that has worked on it..



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