Friday, May 14, 2010

The Lord's Love in Everyday Life

Psalm 23:1-3 “The Lord is my shepherd I have everything I need. He lets me rest in fields of green grass and leads me to quiet pools of fresh water . He gives me new strength He guides me in the right paths as He has promised.”

When the Lord is my shepherd He builds a relationship of love. He is a person who takes care of every need and ready to lay His life down for us. I will never be left wanting as said in Philippians 4:19 “With all abundant wealth through Christ Jesus, my God will supply all my needs”.

He gives me the rest I and peace when I drink of the living water. When I eat and live on His word my body will be strengthened. He will give me direction in my day to day life as I learn to dwell on his word and seek his help in everything.

Prayer- Heavenly Father help us to follow Your ways, increase our faith and and find joy only in Your presence. Cause us to come to You as a deer pants for water. Lord give us a mind of Christ so that we discern and keep away from people who do not fear the Lord or have faith in you. Help us to have the right relationship with people around us as we grow in our relationship with You.

When we grow by the living water may each one us bear the fruits of the spirit. Be prosperous in whatever we do. Experience healing of our body mind and soul wisdom to know what is right and wrong .

Deliver us from our fears and keep our mind clear of trivial things so that our thoughts will be focused only on You. May the Lord reign our soul and mind and all thoughts and action be led by you alone. Know fully well that you Oh Lord God is besides us during good times and bad times. As we move with our focus on You alone nothing will be impossible and all our troubles seems nothing for our lives will be effortless. For You alone our God.


  1. What a lovely post!
    I love the concept of connecting with the father and worshipping the father in spirit. It makes the connection with everyone so beautiful.
    The role of a shepherd is to guide, protect and also to nurture the sheep.
    The lovely Father-God, brings people in our life who guide us, who protect us and also who nurture our growth.
    At all times when we are down and dejected and wonder where god is, we need to just look at those people in our life who encourage and motivate us and see the christ in them.

  2. This is such a wonderful post! I loved it so much. And the prayer was so beautiful. I prayed along as I read it.

  3. Beautiful prayer. A prayer that I really need every day of my life. Hearing from God is essential. I always need this guidance and protection.



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